Get the Best Return from Your Investment

Best Gta Rates is your trusted partner in finding the best property. Our expert, property management services, are designed to cater to all your needs. We can deliver a 360-degree solution to our clients searching for the best property investment.

Ensure Growth of Your Investment

Best Gta Rates is one of the most reliable property management companies in the vibrant real estate landscape not only for providing lease and maintenance services but also for ensuring the growth of investment for its clients.

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Give Us the Responsibility

Here at Best Gta Rates, we deliver highly skilled, reliable and satisfactory property management services. From finding the best investable properties to guiding you in the process of purchase; from tenant screening and verification to maintenance, repair and eviction, we are your local partner to take every responsibility regarding property management.

What We Do

No matter what the number is, we can take care of multiple properties. We are your local property management partner, and we are here to maximize your investment. With our years of experience and expertise in the field, we can ensure maximum income from your property investment with minimum expense and responsibilities. Our outstanding property management services include;

  • On-going communication
  • All-inclusive marketing and advertising
  • Proper tenant screening through all recommended rules and regulations
  • Tenant selection following legal procedures
  • Rent collection
  • Maintenance, inspection and repairs
  • Eviction
  • Capital gain returns calculation and more

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Find the right property

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Analyze the investment aspects

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Maintain and management

On-Going Communication

Our team for research and analysis are aware of all the latest development within the industry, and we regularly update you on property-related activities.

Proper Tenant Screening and Selection

We strictly follow industry guidelines and legal procedures when it comes to screening and selecting tenants. Our experts verify every tenant application before giving clearance.

Maintenance, Inspection and Repairs

Maintenance, inspection, and repair are some of the most important aspects of property management. We understand the importance of timely and cost-effective repair and maintenance works, and that is why we work with a network of highly-experienced contractors in the field for hassle-free maintenance and repair solution.

Capital gain returns calculation and more

We help you get the best result on your investments. Our financial experts can help you to calculate your capital gain return and keep you updated about your income and expenses. Our advanced accounting and reporting methods are designed to organize all your financial reports and documents effectively.

All-Inclusive Marketing and Advertising

We can initiate marketing and advertising activities on your behalf to help you get the best result on your investments. We can publish advertisements on different medium to capture the attention of prospective tenants.

Rent Collection

Rent collection is one of the critical areas of our services, and we can provide you with good peace of mind by collecting rent every month through an effective and timely process.


Our experts are aware of local tenant laws, and they know how to make the eviction process smooth and trouble-free. If required, we can take legal steps to ensure hassle-free removal or renewal of the agreement.


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Finding the property

Finding a valuable property is a time-consuming and tedious process, and we have been working on this for years. We are a property investment company, and we always use our extensive experience to make sure that you get the best available property you want.

We listen to your requirement first before you represent the best available option for you. We use our extensive network of market analysts and field experts to find a suitable match for your requirement. We have agency listing along with the list of private sales. It gives you the opportunity to access the list of best available properties within your range.

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Purchasing the property

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Kind Words

  • Shannon Ruth
    Identifying and selecting the right tenant was a tough job for me, as I had to take care of many other things in life. When looking for a property management company, I came across the website of Best Gta Rates and found them suitable for the job. I decided to give the responsibility to them, and I am still getting the benefits of it. From dealing with different tenant conflicts to repair works and payment collection, they can do everything with ease.
    Shannon Ruth
  • Allen Lizella
    One of my friends referred me the name of Best Gta Rates couple of years back. My concern was to manage my residential property, and I wanted someone to take care of it. I visited their website and explained my case to their experts. They helped me to secure the best deal, and since then I have been enjoying their highly skilled services. They are the expert in the field, and I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for the same.
    Allen Lizella
  • John Powell
    Professionals working for the Best Gta Rates are fantastic. They have done an excellent job with my investment. I liked the way they have dealt with my case, and I am thankful to them for helping me to get the best value of my investment. They have made everything including the tenant management easy for me by taking all the responsibilities including payment collection. The best part is that they have solutions for all matters related to the industry and I am looking forward to getting more from them
    John Powell

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