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Before we represent any property, we ensure the property serves all the interest of our clients. We want it to ensure that you strike the best deal through us.

Tenant Management services

We know a wrong selection of tenant can become a nightmare for you. Here at Best GTA Rates, we help our clients to understand the ABCD of tenant application and how to deal with it. We can make it easy for you by describing all legal procedures related to it.

Before you approve the tenant application, we can tell you how to verify the authenticity of the request and whether the applicant is eligible to get the contract or not. Employment verification, criminal record checking, rental or residency records are some of the issues you should take care of when signing the contract papers.

We can help you in the process of thorough screening, where you have to understand the importance of all applicable laws including Fair Credit Reporting and Fair Housing Act. If the applicant tenant is found to be eligible in all the departments, the lease can be signed. Our tenant management service includes;

Repairs and Maintenance

Here at Best GTA Rates, we do not only help you select the right tenant but also help you deal with other issues like maintenance and repairs. We can provide you skilled and certified in-house maintenance team that can execute all the tasks related to your properties.

We work along with licensed and insured contractors who enjoy an excellent track record of work execution. We can send the best available team to the job site that will not execute the task efficiently but will charge a reasonable amount as fees.

We are here to take all the responsibilities related to maintenance and repair works for your properties so that you can enjoy a good peace of mind. Apart from repair jobs, we can take care of other areas like cleaning, landscaping and irrigation. We will not let your tenant complain about anything. We also provide 24-house emergency hot-line service through which your tenant can report us about anything disturbing their regular activities. Our repair and maintenance service include;

Capital Gain Return calculations

Like many other property management services, we can help you in the process of capital gain return calculations. We can prepare an excel sheet to calculate the capital gain return for your property. The estimate will help you to calculate both short and long terms capital gains and other taxes.

Our professional accountants can look at your documents can prepare the sheet describing the calculation of capital gain return. In this process, our accountants consider the total sale price and subtract the purchase cost. The accountants will also take care of the expenses like registration cost, brokerage costs, stamp duty, traveling costs and many such issues before coming into the conclusion. Capital gain return calculations will help you to get an insight of return from your investment.

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